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Sunday, March 2, 2014

" From Their View "...Nikolay Semyonov

From South Russia, Nikolay Semyonov emerges on the art scene after a career as a teacher. His love of art lead him into photography. With a knowledge in Photoshop, he leans more towards Corel in his current work.

1) rr snow: RAILROAD SNOW. shot a few years ago when the first snow of the year started falling. the idea was to snow the mood of the moment;

2)1040477: SCHOOL HOLIDAYS. corel painter brushes (pallet knives, sargent brush, layering etc) on a photo of the local school on an early winter morning. gradation from warm to cold colors and the play of light were the two most luring things here;

3) 1060500: TIMUR. My  elder grandson
looking for how to get behind the door of a building in the neighboring public park. He has a syndrome and, when shooting him, I often stop to think if he'll ever be able to find a way for him in life. Processed in corel painter (surface texture adjustment, noise etc).

In fact, I use a lot of tools and a few processing techniques, depending on the image. I started with photoshop way back to the late 90s' but very soon corel painter became my Nomer Odin (#1 in Russian) software.

I've been a member of a few domestic and international sites, e.g. Redbubble (about 1,000 works), where you can find my portfolio at :


  1. The digital revolution in photography has given rise to new approaches in neopictorialism. Here in the United States, parallel to a movement of naturalism in the cinema, and with the rise of the f64 school in California, photographers and critics began to reject photography that echoed the composition and techniques of painters from the past; soft-focus was out and certain darkroom manipulation, considered archaic and romantic was deemed verboten, the equivalent of photographing with a wet squib.

    So, now with the whole new arsenal of digital tools in the photographers palette we see a revisitation of that pictorialism from new, expressive, and adventurous perspectives. This work represents the best of this both new, and, at the same time, old approach to photography.

    Though I'm very taken by your homage to the impressionists, obviously reminiscent of Van Gogh, I'm most drawn to your narrative with Timur in it. These images do not necessarily fall into a rigid portfolio though each are unified through the development of specific digital approaches and techniques; however, they show that within our diverse arsenal of digital tools, photographers may still afford themselves the luxury of eclecticism while at the same time showing sense and sensibility.

  2. I'm just came into Fine-Art-Photographers and I take it as a wellcome present to discover these 3 works of Nikolay! The way you see the world is very simular to myself. Carving out the emotional side of an image opens the eyes for changing the way of looking at things. That combines photography and fine-art. You have been working with an impressing technology, alamost as a painter. I'm looking forward to see more! Helga Ntephe

  3. I agree with Peter Gorwin. the narrative in a photographic image should be the strongest. A technique should quietly enhance a photo and not become the content in itself because then we are only looking at technique which is abundant in our photoshop pallate. Beauty shows itself without a textured filter romantisizing its essence. The big all time question I always ask myself is how do you express universal feelings in an unique way without sentimentality. it's the exploration of words, a photographic dictionary to get to the core, for example: what does snow mean to you? how does it feel on your tongue, your fingers etc. Having said this I think your composition and choice in content is magnificent and strong enough without using filters. Thank you for letting us see your beautiful work.

  4. Interesting work. I love School Holidays best!

  5. Николай! Я ещё больше Вами горжусь))))))

  6. Thanks a lot, Matthew! Thank you all those who have responded so kindly.

  7. Many thanks to Peter, Eric, Helga, Piroska, Debora, Helen for your kind words about my works. Unfortunately, didn't find a way to respond to everyone in person.

  8. Как радостно от таких сообщений!!! Горжусь!

  9. Beautiful, wonderful work! I especially love 'rr snow' and the one of your little grandson tugs at my heart. Thank you for sharing.

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