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Sunday, March 9, 2014

" From Their View "...Marcus Brunström / Jonathan Brooks

From Marcus Brunström:
This is a series I shot for the Norristown Farm park in Norristown/East Norriton, PA, USA.
It’s shot with a Shen Hao 4x5 with TMAX 320 over the past few months.

The purpose of this series is to show the decay of mankind and how natures reclaims their property as soon as we leave it.

Photographer bio:
Marcus Brunström
Stehag, Sweden
For more of his work :
From Jonathan Brooks:

These are two of my Femme Fatale Characters from my Skull Series.

One is from my first short film 5 SKULLS, which I finished in October and the other continues the series of characters.

For more of his work:


  1. Marcus - that is a lovely series - beautiful without being wistful - congratulations! And now nice to see some large format B&W work on film these days

  2. Thanks for including me in "From Their View"

  3. Andy, Thank you very much! I appreciate it.
    I really enjoy the large format film process so I'll make sure to keep doing that :)

  4. Marcus, I love the old barn! Would love to see more from this series. And it is indeed wonderful to see large format B& was one of my favorite classes in Photography school and one thing I really miss from 'old school' photography. Keep it up.

    Jonathan, interesting series. Well executed images.

  5. Tanya, I'm glad you found my pictures interesting. That means a lot to me. You can see more from this series at
    I love the process and don't worry, I'm gonna keep on doing that!


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