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Saturday, November 23, 2013

John Minnicks : The Liberator Camera

In this electronic gizmo, " fits in your pocket " era, John Minnicks reaches into the past to revamp a classic film camera into an art piece that is getting quite a following.

What he wanted was a hand-held 4X5 camera, with some style, with a look…

So he started with the Graflex cameras. The only problem was they wouldn’t accept the 7” F:2.5 lens. The lens with the 3-D look, (the fastest 4X5) that could focus from 3’ to infinity…  {The AERO-EKTAR lenses were used for aerial reconnaissance spy photography in World War II!}

Minnicks modified them to accept the lens by machining the camera. He makes custom-designed bellows, a new mirror-bright screen and a Graflock back, which will accept any 4X5 Polaroid back and roll film backs. 

The lens board has a Tilt & Swing enabling
selective focus. The live image is 4X5 landscape, the short back focus of the lens and the precision size of the body to achieve infinity. Shutter speeds generally range from 1/500-1/30 sec.+ time exp.

Each camera body is unique and special, a bit different because each part is individually designed to suit the camera.

That amazing look is matched with the images achieved with the camera: a hand-held 4X5 with full control of the image.

image by ...©Bernard Testemale

John enjoys working with each client to design his or her personal and unique camera.

( on the right Dave Burnett )

image...©Bernard Testemale

Each one uses different materials and finishes: leathers, exotic leathers, metal finishes, choices of bellows and hood materials…

Prices depend on materials used: lenses, body and parts/materials.
 A basic black leather runs about $3600.00, the Woodies run $6,000.  Due to the amount of custom work and attention to detail and specially machined parts, he can only build a few a year. ( woodies )  -  (Weather conditions affect finishes as well.)

For more information, contact us at:   203-247-3833

Sunday, November 3, 2013

"From Their View " Mark Kulaga...Sergio Duarte

Mark Kulaga:

Scissor Wings was created from a pair of scissors I have had for over 30 years, and inspired by a friend whom told me once to run with scissors so I did, and then I gave them wings.   The technique used I call photosculpture, and each of my pieces can and will one day be fabricated.  At this point they are only available on canvas with Giclée process.  

The next piece is "Stairs" and was an image taken by one of my doctor's offices when I was quite sick.
For more on my work, please visit:


Sergio Duarte:

The first photo ( 20120527-Guimaraes-07p&bq72dpix600.jpg ), was taken in a Art center in Guimarães city in the north of Portugal.The light caught my attention due to the light foggy day, and the lines textures were have given me a special atmosphere that I tried to capture.

The second ( 20130406-Elementos-01a72dpix600.jpg ), belongs to the same series I'm working on - series that I called "Elements" - which concerns architectural or engineering details. These one was taken in the access stairs of a public swimming. The detail that caught my attention was the small plant that was becoming to grow in the middle of those big concrete stairs and his resilience.