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Sunday, March 23, 2014

" From Their View"...Sigthor Markusson

From Iceland, Sigthor Markusson explores the other side of his commercial work and shows us the beauty of form and landscapes in  

" Bare Landscapes is a photographic expedition across the topography of Iceland.   The journey is mesmerizing as a visual exploration of natural bodies, that of the land and the female form. They  are exposed raw, unadorned and blooming. Whether resolved against volcanic rock, sequestered in craters of ice or simmering in hot springs, these images have been chiseled out of time, beautiful and natural. The Bare Landscapes project has spanned more than a decade, and will continue on as more images are created."

" After living in the US for so long and traveling back to Iceland each year I began to experience the country as a visitor might, taking in its raw beauty, and seeing the land like never before. It was upon one of those visits that the Bare Landscapes project began, when he started photographing, and appreciating what he had taken for granted for so long."

More of his other work can be seen at:

Sunday, March 16, 2014

" From Their View "...Tanya Smith

These recent images are presented for the first time in public by Tanya Smith. She welcomes fellow Fine Art Photographers to comment with their opinions.

"This first image, entitled 'Thorns For The Crown' was captured using a Canon EOS 30D with a Sigma 35-75 lens at F8 1/125 with an ISO 800 setting.  Part of a self-assigned photo shoot I recently did called Finding Faith.  An arrangement on the walls of an historical Episcopal church I attend occasionally, I relate it to the crown of thorns Jesus wore on the cross.  The image is post-processed in Adobe CS5  for toning and effects, and will be printed on a Fine-Art Matte paper or Arches Watercolor paper (which is one of my favorites for images like this)."

My second image is entitled 'Strength of Character'.  Canon EOS 30D - Sigma 35-75, ISO 160, F16 @ 1/125 with 18mm focal length. This old barn is surrounded by chain link fencing, prohibiting me from closer contact and forcing me to shoot from an upward perspective to avoid the distraction of the fencing.  I love the character of old buildings and saw great strength in this barn.  The image is post-processed in CS5 to achieve an infrared effect and will be printed on a Fine-Art matte photo paper.

Tanya Jacobson-Smith
For more of my work check out my FAA page

Sunday, March 9, 2014

" From Their View "...Marcus Brunström / Jonathan Brooks

From Marcus Brunström:
This is a series I shot for the Norristown Farm park in Norristown/East Norriton, PA, USA.
It’s shot with a Shen Hao 4x5 with TMAX 320 over the past few months.

The purpose of this series is to show the decay of mankind and how natures reclaims their property as soon as we leave it.

Photographer bio:
Marcus Brunström
Stehag, Sweden
For more of his work :
From Jonathan Brooks:

These are two of my Femme Fatale Characters from my Skull Series.

One is from my first short film 5 SKULLS, which I finished in October and the other continues the series of characters.

For more of his work:

Sunday, March 2, 2014

" From Their View "...Nikolay Semyonov

From South Russia, Nikolay Semyonov emerges on the art scene after a career as a teacher. His love of art lead him into photography. With a knowledge in Photoshop, he leans more towards Corel in his current work.

1) rr snow: RAILROAD SNOW. shot a few years ago when the first snow of the year started falling. the idea was to snow the mood of the moment;

2)1040477: SCHOOL HOLIDAYS. corel painter brushes (pallet knives, sargent brush, layering etc) on a photo of the local school on an early winter morning. gradation from warm to cold colors and the play of light were the two most luring things here;

3) 1060500: TIMUR. My  elder grandson
looking for how to get behind the door of a building in the neighboring public park. He has a syndrome and, when shooting him, I often stop to think if he'll ever be able to find a way for him in life. Processed in corel painter (surface texture adjustment, noise etc).

In fact, I use a lot of tools and a few processing techniques, depending on the image. I started with photoshop way back to the late 90s' but very soon corel painter became my Nomer Odin (#1 in Russian) software.

I've been a member of a few domestic and international sites, e.g. Redbubble (about 1,000 works), where you can find my portfolio at :