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Sunday, February 23, 2014

"From Their View"...Bernard Kessler...

The two photographs, Silent Space #3 
and #5 are in my book published by Blurb, SILENT SPACES, devoted to the exploration on the extraordinary in the ordinary.

 Simple photographs of things in otherwise empty space.  They are stark. without visible flamboyance, but filled with a sense of transcendental meaning that takes us beyond the visual surface.

 It is my experience that each and every thing we can see can be communicated with beyond the surface.  It is as though we are at the edge of a pond.  When we move from the edge’s surface into the depths our understanding of the pond increases.  The pond becomes more complete, more interesting, communicating its essence.

My experience over the 75 years I have been photographing is that the essence of the subject is not merely what I am seeing, but instead communicates from a different dimension,
a welcome, mysterious comfort.

A columnist reviewing SILENT SPACES suggested the content as an example of the art philosopher, Arthur Dante of Columbia University book, THE TRANSFIGURATION OF THE COMMONPLACE.  Not an easy read as I searched for an explanation. It is a scholarly document exploring, analyzing, diagnosing the process but no "how tos." 
I have  been introduced to many possible explanations.  It has been an interesting exploration ranging from the spiritual beliefs of Native American Indians to Quantum Mechanics, via Werner Heisenbergs’s  UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE.

Evidence of what happens is clearer than how.
So be it.
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  1. What a refreshing article that speaks some sense, a rare commodity recently. Thank you.

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  3. Finding the extraordinary in the commonplace can only be accomplished by photographers with vision and Bernard shows how this is done. We see an example of Zen photography, where the spirit of objects gains form for us to recognize and appreciate. These objects themselves are mundane, but the choice of color and presentation give life to each image, showing us beauty hidden within the background of our lives.

  4. Thanks for posting your rich, evocative work. Images that evoke thought and emotion from our reservoir of imagination and experience do more than presentation of novel or pretty visual facts.

  5. Great work. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Just joined Fine Art Photographers group . See my website blog at

  7. Also created Taking Stock blog on Blogspot

  8. I was fortunate to attend several one-to-one sessions with Bernie and aspire to become a better photographer. Thank you for great art and letting me tap into your wealth of art and photography knowledge....

    Trond Sikkerbøl


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