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Sunday, January 12, 2014

"From Their View"...Paul King

From his profile Paul King states, he is a student of Fine Art Grimsby Institute whose studio practice work is Photography. " Such is the power of education, doors open and close until you find the path to what really interests you. In my case it was returning to something I have been involved in for many years."

 " These images are part of a wider body of work for use as part of my Fine Art Practice degree coursework.  I would like my audience to consider more deeply the environment in which they find themselves, recognizing the beauty of small (relative to the overall size) details.  I am drawn to structure and form, repeating patterns and interplays between juxtaposed elements.

  All my images are digital and are shot using RAW format files.  I used to use Photoshop for post-production editing, but now virtually all images are processed exclusively in Lightroom 5.  From this peer review process I would like to get a cross-section of comments in which people, in their opinion, can tell me what works, what does not work, and why.  I am less interested in reviewers using other photographers work, as a comparison tool, because then they do not describe their own feelings towards my work."

Welcoming comments....