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Saturday, April 12, 2014

" From Their View "....James Clancy...Elizabeth James


Elizabeth James:

‘Colour in Motion’ captures
the characteristics of Water under different circumstances. My approach to this subject is varied and often experimental. I have spent many years 
experimenting and observing closely its many varied forms it adopts in different circumstances.

Capturing my findings has allowed me to study and record Colour in Motion, its transforming shapes & colours as it freely takes on its own direction and tones. The colours themselves carrying little or no commitment to the ebb & flow of the water as it takes on the body of life; taking us out of our sphere influence and bringing others in to it

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James Clancy:

 I drew on inspiration from classic cinema styles especially that of Film Noir and journey through the mystery and suspense within the shadows of the late night urban scenes to re-think privacy and to explore solitude and isolation through this examples of night photography pictures.

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

"From Their View"...Nancy Bechtol...Sean Costello

Nancy Bechtol  is a photographer, independent producer/director, artist and educator. She shares with us some of her views of Chicago.

‘Top o Willis Tower” Chicago.  Shot from the ‘Ledge’ on the Sky deck. (shot about 5 years ago then reprocessed several times, in PS using painting, and numerous layers)

‘Street view-track” Chicago. 2013. Corner of Lake and Wabash. Casual shot with my Samsung Cell. On the way to work, where I teach at Illinois Institute of Art. Downtown Chicago)


Sean Costello   shoots commercial portraits, architecture and fashion. His art shows a strong graphic sense in his work " Sanctuary "

To highlight the design of each church, I make high-contrast black andwhite photographs against a dark sky.

The  low angles serve to emphasize a sense of awe in the viewer at the monumental elements ofthe structure.

My goal is not to coerce people into a newfound faith,
but to celebrate the genius of combining a near perfect set of
physical and aesthetic architectural elements, to create a beautiful structure that reflects individual beliefs and ideals.

more of his work: