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Saturday, October 26, 2013

From Their View...Peter Treiber,,"Ethereal Luminescence"

My primary goal as a photographer is to make beautiful images, but to make that beauty both dynamic and fascinating. The union between the motion we live in and still photography which captures that motion seems to be the place where this “dynamic beauty” fuses. This series, “Ethereal Luminescence”, is a study of color abstraction, light and motion in the popular and active places where we find pleasure and exhilaration.

Technical notes: All of these photographs were made with a high resolution digital camera as single exposures with a technique, created by me, which I call camera painting. Only very minimum color corrections and cropping were made during post production. More of this work here and here.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

From Their View "Dream Walking".....David Aschkenas


" A couple of years ago there seemed to be an ongoing debate about what "look" only film could produce, as opposed to anything digital.  I decided to rework a group of photos from the last 30 years, done in virtually every format from 4 x 5 view camera color and b & w film, 2, 1/4 film, 35mm neg and chrome film, polaroid SX 70 film
and finally digital imagery, to give them and interesting cohesive look that you could not tell what image was made with what film or technique.  Of course all of this was done digitally.

I don't anyone could determine what the original was made from in terms of format or material."

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