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Sunday, February 9, 2014

" From Their View ".. .Renata Ratajczyk

  views of women from our group at Fine Art Photographers: 
Renata Ratajczyk: finds her inspiration from Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen"
 excerpt from her blog

"...Think about how beautiful the world often looks in winter.  The fresh white snow makes it also looking more peaceful, ethereal and encourages people to rest and reflect.  This time of the year can also be very good time to create new things and to dream about the future.  Winter is also sometimes playful and creates conditions favorable for many activities not possible to do during warmer months when the snow is absent.  That’s why particularity many children and sports enthusiast love it.  Because of winter’s playful nature, I have chosen to depict my Winter Queen as more joyful personality. "

more of her work


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  2. Atu Gelovani

    I guess the first image works with the project because of her hair? It seems to me that when working on a project the images should have no question as to why they should belong to that project, so this would be one that I would not include.

    That said, the image offers a feeling of smallness and sadness. By having the woman as a minor part of the frame there is a depressing feeling that works very well. The dark patch on the ground is essential to the image, as it almost acts as a reflection of the subject, and its placement strengthens the feeling of the image.

    The second image requires one to view it in its larger iteration. The blue hair in this situation unmistakenly works with the project's intentions, matching the sky. I would like to see some detail from the wall, as it would help work the bare tree branches in the background and I would crop the dark shadow on the wall on the right, since its closeness to the edge detracts from the central idea.

    Renata Ratajczyk

    A beautiful woman in a beautiful setting that successfully works with the dreamlike idea. The swirl around her offers the idea that she has power to command the elements and environment around her. The positioning of the hands implies that she is considering her next move, which I am hoping is to end all the snow we are getting.

  3. I share both comments of George. The first shot is hardly matching the aim of the "colour" project, the very first impression you get from it is that one ot loneliness and abandon. Hair colour is really secundary.
    The blue one is good and to the point: even its over exposure works well and colour is the "star" of the image.

    This image is really wonderful from the aesthetical point of view and perfectly matches the rest of her works I have seen in her website. She depicts a non-existing world, made of beauty both in the human body and in the nature. Very pure and accurate shots, leaving anyway (to me) a sense of coldness and remoteness.


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