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Friday, December 4, 2009

Photo Miami 2009 #2

Stunning as this year's Photo Miami is, this work perhaps stunned me the most. Presented by Irvine Contemporary in Washington DC. it stopped me in my tracks. It was the quality, the material,the presentation,the feel,a reach into the past, the fact that it wasn't digital anything but an old method mastered and so well presented. If only I had money!! But Phil if you are willing to trade..CALL ME!

This I took from his blog and the press release better explains his technique.

I had a informative chat with his Rep on " What is a Limited Edition" which will post later..but for now on with more show..and party of course.

Phil Nesmith’s Flight Patterns is a series of new dryplate photograms created with silver nitrate emulsion on black glass plates.

Nesmith’s new series of images evoke allegories of flight, fragility, evanescence, materiality, and time. Because photograms require the presence of an actual object to cast shadows or allow light to penetrate through a translucent material, the resulting image records a moment in time when something interrupted light and space on the photosensitive medium, but without a camera lens.

For a press release from his gallery..

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