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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Art Basel Week

Once again Art Basel had descended upon us and brings with it some very cool images and interesting photographers as well. To start with are three I saw last night,Claudia Calle at Fabrika art Space showing some very neat work,"Republic of China" prints on stretched canvas and some of her award winning series,

"Living in Silence" prints on wood substrate. (forgive my reproduction)..More of her work can be found at her site I found her work in the images on the left,"Republic of China" to be of most interest and her mark stood out on them.

The second show sponsored by One Model Place..."Eyes Wide Shut" was really well done, a collection of various photographers from Weston to Steve McCurry, to Elliot Erwitt to name a few. However the bulk of the show was from two photographers, one who I really enjoyed chatting with, Jarmo Pohjaniemi..a film lover..and a shooter for Playboy as well! His take on life and art was refreshing and I hope to look forward to developing a freindship. I met his lovely and appealing model Mary Alejo who appears in his prints shown here... I also hope to develop a professional friendship with her as well and while that might sound forward,I do have a series of mine that would be perfect with her in it..left is the both of them..see you Friday night at the party!

The other phtographer whom I didn't get a chance to speak with but I will later is Guido Argentini whose work is here,beautifully printed ..

I wish them all good shooting and today I will visit Photo Miami with post soon to come.

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