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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Approaching Galleries

All the various presentations and sizes of photography, I saw this week,made me wonder how does one present their images to a gallery for consideration? After all, can you walk around with a few 40x50 prints mounted on aluminum with plexi or 30x40 steel prints much less mail them?

So I asked a few owners at Photo Miami and also at One Red Dot and here is the general consensus. First, an email or formal letter with an online link or URL address where the work can be viewed. The agreed that the image rather than the presentation should stand out enough to warrant a further review. Along with first intro, a bio,artist statement,and any history that the work gathered as in other showings. The work's presentation should be proposed eg. "printed on wood, 40x50, coated in resin.." some info on the method helps as well, with a possible printed leave behind for their file.

They all said that if the first approach was favorable then the next step would be to see an actual finished piece the way it will be presented. It is possible to have one or a collection photographed and sent or linked to for viewing the scope and type of presentation especially if it is a coherent body of work. All said they deal in limited editions but that is another post soon to come.


  1. Great info... any comments on personal experiences approaching galleries would be nice, too!

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