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Saturday, April 12, 2014

" From Their View "....James Clancy...Elizabeth James


Elizabeth James:

‘Colour in Motion’ captures
the characteristics of Water under different circumstances. My approach to this subject is varied and often experimental. I have spent many years 
experimenting and observing closely its many varied forms it adopts in different circumstances.

Capturing my findings has allowed me to study and record Colour in Motion, its transforming shapes & colours as it freely takes on its own direction and tones. The colours themselves carrying little or no commitment to the ebb & flow of the water as it takes on the body of life; taking us out of our sphere influence and bringing others in to it

More of her

James Clancy:

 I drew on inspiration from classic cinema styles especially that of Film Noir and journey through the mystery and suspense within the shadows of the late night urban scenes to re-think privacy and to explore solitude and isolation through this examples of night photography pictures.

More of his work:


  1. I normally have no trouble offering some criticism of the images in this area but what is offered here makes that a real challenge I may not be up for.

    I would like to know a little more from Elizabeth as to how her images came to being, but regardless these have a flow that I can follow. The first image offers conflict without resolution as the shapes compete with one another for my attention. There is a violence that tells me that nature holds favorites to those who can survive. The second image is exactly the opposite, as the colors work together in harmony and I know that everything will turn out alright.

    The only complaint that I have is that even though the watermark is faint, I keep on looking at it when I view these images. I cannot understand the reason for this, as I don't think that anyone is going to print out a stamp-sized version to hang on their wall instead of making a purchase. I cannot imagine a downside in offering the view of an image without constraint, after all, if I really wanted to steal one of these images it would be so much easier to go to her website and do a screen capture of the considerably larger versions in the header of her home page.

    James' images offer a mystery, a glimpse into an unknown area where I can see enough to get me interested, but not enough to understand the context.

    The woman walking into a darkened area is scary, there are certainly things lurking in the shadows that neither she nor I can see.

    The second image is slightly less disconcerting, but there is still that element of danger as the woman (I assume) gets ready to turn the corner. The vertical aspect of the image tells me that I am allowed to see the insubstantial parts of the scene, like the foreground and the sky, but am not allowed to see where the action is. I have a feeling that this is an image that looks much better in person, viewing a print, as opposed to looking at it on the screen.

  2. Elizabeth's work is just outstanding. It's a cross between abstract painting and artistic food photography. this I mean positively because one of my passions is photographing food in an experimental way. Thank you. (I didn't even notice the water-mark.)

    Jame's work reminds me of the past working as a still photographer on period films.....very nice.

  3. Elizabeth's work has a visually interesting abstract quality to it. I do like how the colors are allowed to migrate and blend. Not just another ink drop picture.
    James' work has that visual mystery that comes from night time street photography. I like the quality of what can be captured with the artificial light of the streets, along with ominous shadows and sparkling reflections.

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  5. It's difficult to really appreciate one's work when the 'detail' version is the same size as the blog-post's thumbnail version Elizabeth. For those worried that someone is going to swipe their images Elizabeth has done an exceptionally good job of placing a subtle watermark over her work in such a way that the 'w-m' does not interfere with the viewer's critical look at the images presented. James Clancey, on the other hand, has sized his images much more appropriately – so that one can clearly see he has either shot ON FILM OR perhaps 'enhanced' digital files *to look like they were shot on film* and therefore better establishing the 'film noire' look he so successfully pulls off here. Great images – both – BUT would actually love to see Elizabeth's work in a format other than thumbnail size.

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