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Sunday, October 20, 2013

From Their View "Dream Walking".....David Aschkenas


" A couple of years ago there seemed to be an ongoing debate about what "look" only film could produce, as opposed to anything digital.  I decided to rework a group of photos from the last 30 years, done in virtually every format from 4 x 5 view camera color and b & w film, 2, 1/4 film, 35mm neg and chrome film, polaroid SX 70 film
and finally digital imagery, to give them and interesting cohesive look that you could not tell what image was made with what film or technique.  Of course all of this was done digitally.

I don't anyone could determine what the original was made from in terms of format or material."

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  1. I am not as interested in the third image as the others, as they have an element of mystery that we know comes from an incompleteness of the story, and we are urged to complete that ourselves. The lightest element in each of these three images draw our eyes to the subject of interest and we are compelled to identify and understand, despite the fact that this is not possible.

    One technical question - these images all have vertical markings in the lower left corner, the lower two being more prominent. Any idea what this is?

  2. I'm not so interested in making digital images look like film as to what the photos evoke. Your explanation takes away from the imagery. Also using the same layers and textures that give away the process should probably be avoided. Evocative images, otherwise.

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