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Saturday, September 21, 2013

" From Their View " 3...Paolo Nigris, Robertas Kanys

Paolo Nigris:

I am doing photography for more then 30 years after being lucky enough to spend time with Ansel Adams and the "Friends of Photography" group long time ago in Carmel, CA.

My main job, is designing software for hospitals, but all my free time, and more..., goes to photography.

I am the process of publishing a book on the water towers in New York City.

The two images submitted are one from Zurich and the Limmat River (Switzerland)  - Nikon D600, 

This one taken at the New Delhi Train Station (India) - Nikon D90.

 For more on my work:

Robertas Kanys:

These are B&W reminiscence, copies of hand made prints by scanned its.
 I took that  photo in 1985 -1987, cameras: Pentacon six TL(6X6), FED-3 (35mm)

" Mr. Nobody "

                                                                                                                                     "The Dustbin"

 " The Universe and Dustbin "

 I like to work with one or several photos...


  1. "Mr. Nobody", is to my mind and eye a winner. It uses an image typical to advertising art in a way that provokes psychological insight and use of light in an almost romantic Steiglitz way. I'd love to see more of your work akin to this.

    1. There is limited number of photographs in that blog. Something you can see on fb.

  2. The first image offers an awesome sky, enhanced through HDR, which draws and keeps my attention - which is the problem because I am guessing that that is not what this image is about. Actually, I am not really sure what the image is about, which may be the reason that the sky draws my attention to such a degree.

    The second image is full of mystery, questions, and story. The expression on his face is telling us something though I am unsure what. Could it have anything to do with the mystery person in the room? Nicely done.

    "Mr. Nobody" allows us to fill in the blanks ourselves. The harsh light on the front of the fold is not distracting because it does not converge with the light behind.

    "The Dustbin" offers interesting shadows, revealing a face the the left of the circular object, but offers little else. Perhaps moving in a bit would offer a little information as to why this was photographed.

    "The Universe and Dustbin" offers a dichotomy where my eyes go back and forth between two mystery items. The lack of detail helps form questions and interest.

    Cheers -


  3. Its really a fantastic blog.Nice photographs.


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