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Friday, October 22, 2010

Featured Artist of the Week..George L. Smyth

This week we welcome George L Smyth
He began to seriously study photography upon his return from an extended trip to Wales in 1990. After experimenting to find his personal style, he decided to concentrate on pinhole, infrared and alternative process photography.

A member of the Bowie-Crofton Camera Club since 1992, the largest in the Washington-Baltimore area, he has won numerous awards, including Photographer of the Year in 2009. He is a regular lecturer on pinhole and infrared photography, and has offered numerous presentations to area clubs, as well as presenting to PhotoPro Expo twice.

His work is Bromoil  is a labor intensive process made out of love. Below his examples with his accompanying stories:
 Early Morning Meeting

It was certainly long in coming, but they say that the best things take time.  What "takes time" is the connection, and oddly enough, that had been the easy part.  He hadn't even considered sharing his plans by starting at the top, but here he was, and this was his time.  Spotting his contact across the room, he entered and presented his offering, which he hoped would be the first of many.
  Encounters....  the cover of his book  "The Extras"..

Nothing was the same.  Nothing.  Many things were better, but is better always better?  A hunger built up in her throat as she found her way through the crowd.  The things she had known all her life, and from which she had run, were familiar but not comforting.  This new unknown was a hurting thing, but the abundance of the new life acted as a counterweight.  She was not sure if she would ever forget her past pain, but perhaps her children would be spared.

George's other work can be seen at his website . He also maintains a blogsite... sharing more  work with stories..

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