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Saturday, October 16, 2010


  1. Final follow-up...this time I published with Burb.

    Their program was more complicated than the prior three and took a while to catch on. Also their choice of size is not really to my taste as I prefer 8,5x11 for landscape, it crops better from 35mm. They didn't have a way to correct images and I had to go back to PS to make some corrections based on their as all,general profile.

    The were the least expensive in the end and at this point I am waiting for the final result.

  2. I just got the book from long as your monitor is colored balanced and you set the right profile is very good on the repro.

    Their paper is not as high end as A&I or My Publisher but good none the less. The inside cover is a little cheap in comparison to Mac and A&I. The price was a lot cheaper and the program they offer was easy to work with.

    The strongest points are the ability to post it online for sale and post it on your site for review..very cool..

    The personal part I wish they had is an 8.5x11 inch book for landscape version... their 8x10 seems less professional compared to the others..


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