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Sunday, November 3, 2013

"From Their View " Mark Kulaga...Sergio Duarte

Mark Kulaga:

Scissor Wings was created from a pair of scissors I have had for over 30 years, and inspired by a friend whom told me once to run with scissors so I did, and then I gave them wings.   The technique used I call photosculpture, and each of my pieces can and will one day be fabricated.  At this point they are only available on canvas with Giclée process.  

The next piece is "Stairs" and was an image taken by one of my doctor's offices when I was quite sick.
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Sergio Duarte:

The first photo ( 20120527-Guimaraes-07p&bq72dpix600.jpg ), was taken in a Art center in Guimarães city in the north of Portugal.The light caught my attention due to the light foggy day, and the lines textures were have given me a special atmosphere that I tried to capture.

The second ( 20130406-Elementos-01a72dpix600.jpg ), belongs to the same series I'm working on - series that I called "Elements" - which concerns architectural or engineering details. These one was taken in the access stairs of a public swimming. The detail that caught my attention was the small plant that was becoming to grow in the middle of those big concrete stairs and his resilience.


  1. The scissors image might be useful as a Photoshop how-to but does not maintain my interest otherwise.

    The stairs image is daring in the amount of negative space offered on the right. It offers a sense of danger as I have no idea what happens if I wander off those stairs.

    The pier image might have been about lines, but the selective focus tells me that the image is about the green patch in the distance. I need to get through the blur to get to the subject and wonder why the area is there. The strong white triangle at the top continually draws my attention away from what should be interesting.

    I do not see a small plant in the steps image but no matter, this one actually is about lines and light. It is effective in drawing me up toward the upper right, where I wonder what awaits.

    Cheers -


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  3. I'll add on to what Mr. Smyth is writing about your photographs Mark and Sergio. I like Mark's stairs image because the black itself could be the positive space and the stairs the negative. As the dominant element of the image, the black could be considered positive space. Also, as the stairs appear to recede into the background and the black appears to be in the foreground, I am able to perceive it as the positive space. As for Sergio's image with the tiny green weed at the foot of the stairs, I don't find the white triangle in the upper right distracting. I didn't even notice it until George pointed it out. I think it offers a balancing weight to the larger, darker triangle of the stairs on the left side of the image. When I look at the thumbnail and take in the whole as shapes, it is a very dynamic composition. When I look at the enlarged version, it is a more difficult viewing process in that I am not sure what to focus on as George has pointed out. The fact that you have chosen to focus on the weed and most everything else is soft, is an unusual choice. The norm is for "the subject" to be in the foreground and for the background to be out of focus. With this more ambiguous placement of the subject, you are breaking the rule. Perhaps this is to emphasize the idea that the weed by existing in this world of cement and stone is breaking the rules? As for Mark's scissors piece, I find this one to be the most lyrical of the images. I'm not sure I would have understood that the shape formed by the scissors is a pair of wings, but part of any photograph is the text the artist chooses to associate with it or even include within the image. Within this context I can clearly see the scissors now transformed into wings and this concept is indeed very poetic.

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