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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Featured Artist...David Fine

Some see small things in big subjects and some see big things in the small ones, David Fine sees   bold graphics in his.

Hailing from Georgia, he applies his more than twenty years experience in the commercial world to his art. His focus is on three areas:

*Things That Rust and Splinter
*Things That Splinter
*Nature and Landscapes

"All 3 areas of study can be summed up in the exploration of the impact of time on our landscape through things that rust and things that splinter.  I am drawn to abandoned places that hold secrets of yesterday where time has clearly created new textures, colors and shapes that fold into our landscape.  I focus not only on shape, texture and color, but on the interaction of the elements within our landscape. I have always been drawn to the desert and the West.  Those that visit the desert either love it or hate it, with very little in between.  Every visit I take leads me in a different visual path where at times the silence is deafening, the light is brilliant, and the moment of capture is clear. "

These two images are from his series "The Pass", a small collection of views of an abandoned 1937 Flat Head Ford truck.
" I originally found this truck as I was hiking through the desert in Southern California near Death Valley. The gentle lines and shape of the truck create their own landscape, color pallet, texture and feel in one of nature’s most challenging environments. "

He works in medium format, first film and recently digital seeing his subjects from the wide perspective a 40mm gives. 

"Walking the streets of Bodie many times over, this was perhaps my coldest visit ever.  I always have a new experience there, and this time was no exception.  While a snow storm closes the pass, and the wind blows cold as ice – there is nothing like trying to manipulate a tripod and dials on a camera."

These are Wheel in the Sky and Time Spoken..

More of his work can be seen ...............HERE


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