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Friday, March 11, 2011

Featured Artist...Denis Olivier

Bordeaux is mostly known for its great wine. It's also known for great photography. For wine suggestions, contact me offline..for photography look towards Denis Olivier, our new "Featured Artist."

Originally born in Royan,France where he was introduced to photography through his parents, he started by drawing later painting taking part in some exhibitions. By seventeen, he began to photograph turning his attention to it as a more interesting area of study after finnishing three years of Biochemistry. Attending the Poitiers School of Fine Arts he meets Alan Fleig who introduced him to photography as an art form.

"...felt a need to practice photography, and with a friend we spent a lot of time learning how to develop films and photographs. We did sessions with models, scenery, and discovered France."

He continued on and trained with Phillipe Salaun, the assistant to Robert Doisneau   
"I did some jobs for organizations, shows and commissioned works. I then started in December 1995 working with computer graphics and made use of the Internet.
I worked in artistic direction for several years, then digital cameras came along and I found a way to work quickly and experiment without using too many resources such as film, chemicals, photo sensitive paper and of course the wonderful resource of water."  

His work appears as classic Zone system for those of us who remember that. Squares, my favorite, seem to dominate his frame and help to focus on, this is his view exactly as he saw it.  

Apart  from his classic approach, he also has a series of manipulated images making creative compositions by blending them together, some whimsical, some haunting in his Dreamspace Reloaded series. 
He has been well exhibited in France, appearing in magazines and collections. 
More more of his work can be seen here


  1. This is a wonderful set of images. I like the simplicity and grace of the lines and gradation.

  2. I love how the leading lines flow and have definit direction. Thank you for sharing.

  3. great moods and atmospheres in the still photography!

  4. Sorry to put the spanner in.
    The pictures make me fall asleep.
    Conceptional unimaginative manipulations with no LIFE
    or story telling, a repetitive boredom of Graphic nonsense


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